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By Alpha Jewelry Factory | 13 November 2021 | 0 Comments

What are the differences between moissanite and diamond?

What is moissanite?

     "Moissanite" itself belongs to the category of natural gemstones; in 1893, Dr. Henri Moissan discovered some fragments of silicon carbide (SiC) in a meteorite crater in Arizona, and in 1905, in accordance with international practice, this new mineral was named moissanite after its discoverer.

     Later, the C3 company in North Carolina, USA, cultivated these silicon carbide fragments in the laboratory for research and development and finally obtained moissanite of extremely high purity, which was called moissanite diamond in the process of promoting to the international market. Therefore, 100% of the "moissanite diamonds" that can be found on the market today are synthetic silicon carbide.
    Even though moissanite and diamond are similar in appearance, there are fundamental differences between the two, one being a synthetic "gem" and the other a rare natural stone, which can be distinguished in several ways.

The difference between moissanite and diamond:
1. Specific gravity: moissanite is lighter than diamond, that is, their specific gravity is different, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, while the specific gravity of moissanite is only 3.22. For unset materials, it is easy to distinguish the two with methyl iodide specific gravity solution (specific gravity 3.32).
2. Hardness: Moissanite's hardness is less than diamond, so using a diamond hardness tester to make a scratch test on the surface of Moissanite diamond will leave scratches, but not on the surface of the diamond.
3. Fire color: moissanite fire color is more than 2.5 times that of diamonds, in a darker place with a flash lamp to shine a diamond and moissanite diamonds, respectively, you can see a more obvious fire color contrast.
4. Cutting: most of the cut moissanite prongs are more rounded and blunt, which is completely different from the diamond with sharp prongs.

5. Inclusions: The inclusions of diamonds are different from those of moissanite. All identified moissanites have some inclusions, which are arranged in parallel in a needle-like manner. Some inclusions are visible as fine parallel arranged reflective lines.
6. Polishing lines: The girdle polishing lines of moissanite are parallel to each other, which is completely different from diamonds. And due to the difference of different directions, the diamond polishing process constantly adjusts the polishing direction, while moissanite can be polished along the same direction. This is especially obvious between adjacent facets.
7. Refractive index: moissanite refractive index and diamond is different, moissanite reflective characteristics are also different from the diamond, experienced diamond appraisers can distinguish between the two; in addition, moissanite with birefringence, so careful observation is not difficult to see the prism and the bottom tip of the overshadowing, then change the observation angle, the overshadowing will still appear.
8. Conductivity: according to the GIA report, 80% of moissanite are electrical conductors (natural diamonds only blue, blue-gray type IIb diamonds with conductivity). The common white/light yellow series of diamonds is not conductive, so the conductivity meter or moissanite can be used to identify diamonds and moissanite.
9. Biaxial light characteristics: due to the biaxial light characteristics of moissanite, its heavy shadow characteristics of the observation depends on the angle of observation, when the main facets from the table to observe the heavy shadow are more obvious, although the table vertical moissanite crystal axis c axis will reduce the effect of heavy shadow, focus on the bottom tip can still be seen on the table and the crown facets of the reflection of the heavy shadow, this feature is completely different from the single refraction of the diamond crown reflection.


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