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The symbolic meaning of various gemstones

     The symbolism of diamond is fidelity, love and constancy. It is most suitable for a lover who wants to be together for life.
     What could be more sacred than love and what could be more enduring than love, choose a diamond for your loved one.


     The symbolism of ruby is power, passion and love. It is also the birthstone of July. Its hot red color makes people associate it with passion and love, and it is known as the "stone of love", symbolizing passion and fire, and the beauty, eternity and steadfastness of love. It is said that a ruby ring on the left hand or a ruby brooch on the left breast has the magic power to turn enemies into friends.


     The sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness and honesty. Sapphire is a high-grade stone, one of the five major gemstones. It is the birthstone of September and is known as the "sister stone" to the ruby. Calm and dignified, it is often seen as a symbol of pure love and fidelity to relationships. It is a precious stone for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, as it is a symbol of happiness and hope for the future.

     The emerald symbolizes happiness, hope and life. Like a bay of blue waves, emeralds give a fresh feeling of rebirth whenever you look at them as if they breathe life into them.       The emerald is known as the king of emeralds and is the birthstone of May. Wearing an emerald makes one light and cheerful, and gives the holder a thoughtful and calm beauty.
Golden Green Cat's Eye

     The golden-green cat's eye stone is a symbol of good luck. Generally speaking, this stone has up to nine eyes and is considered to be the most precious. The next most precious are the seven-eyed, six-eyed and three-eyed stones. One-eye and two-eye are average.
      It is known as the stone of wonders, protecting its owner from poverty and wealth, and long life in health. The golden color drives the pooling of wealth, makes one's faith strong and helps to follow through with one's career.



     Tourmaline is meant to ward off evil, power, wealth and luck. It has great energy, gathers wealth, makes the mind think clearly, brings courage and strengthens faith.


     The symbolic meaning of pearls is beauty, happiness and health. Pearl is known as the birthstone of June, and also the stone for the 13th and 30th wedding anniversaries. It has a unique role in improving the immunity of the body, delaying aging, removing spots and whitening, and replenishing calcium.


     The symbolic meaning of garnet is friendship, sincerity and simplicity. It is known as the birthstone of January and is the "stone of faith". It gives an irresistible charm, invites happiness and eternal love, increases self-confidence, fights depression and helps one to face the traumatic memories of the past.


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