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By A | 02 November 2021 | 0 Comments

How to choose a diamond pendant

  The brilliant luster of diamonds makes more and more people choose diamond pendants as jewelry, crystal clear diamonds with the pure luster of metal, the whole person will be set off more and more glamorous, so how do we choose the right diamond pendant, in order to be the whole outfit looks more beautiful?

  Pendant selection based on material

     What you need to pay attention to when choosing a diamond is the 4C standard for diamonds. The next thing is to choose the material according to personal preference. It is recommended that the material of the necklace and pendant should preferably be consistent, because if different materials have different hardness thus causing wear and tear.

  Pendant selection based on face shape

     A round face is suitable for a longer necklace because the long lines will make the face look slightly thin; square face girls are recommended to choose a smaller pendant and "V" shaped necklace with; goose egg face girls wear any shaped pendant will look good.

  Pendant selection based on your neck

    If you have a long neck, you should choose a diamond pendant with large and short particles to visually reduce the length of your neck, and if you have a short neck, you should choose a diamond pendant with small and long particles. In the purchase of diamond pendants according to their own characteristics to select and then try on, eventually will pick the right style for you.

Pendant selection based on your clothing

Diamond pendants are shiny ornaments in themselves, so if the color of the dress is too bright, it will distract from the diamond's brilliance. Therefore, diamond pendants can be matched with dark black or light white dresses to give people a sense of mystery. In addition, the style of the dress and the pendant match also need to be carefully considered, for example, stand-up collar dresses are suitable with short thick pendants, and it is best that the diamond can dazzle outstanding, while low-cut dresses can be matched with longer pendants.

Selecting the length of the pendant

When you want to buy a diamond pendant, consider the length of the necklace to where it reaches the chest. Remember that longer necklaces focus on highlighting the beauty of its chest, while shorter necklaces mainly highlight the beauty of its neck curve

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